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Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do Federation

New Zealand


TSKF New Zealand was Established in 2009 by Takahashi Shunsuke Shihan who was   8th Dan at the time, he is a former graduate of the JKA Instructor Program, as well as being JKA New Zealand Founding Chief Instructor in 1977.

Takahashi Shunsuke Shihan 9th Dan, now Chief Instructor of TSKF has indisputably guided us through the true teachings of “Traditional Karate-Do” and his presence is always invigoration.

Since first coming to NZ every (six months) Takahashi Shunsuke Shihan has Challenged each individual to strive for personal improvement in Karate-Do.

For his efforts in 2002 he was Awarded an Honorary Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.


Takahashi Shihan

TSKF New Zealand in Takahashi Shunsuke Shihan’s absence is led by Mark Willis 8th Dan, Deputy Chief Instructor of TSKF New Zealand and Australia.


Our Federation has organised trainings, grading’s, regional, national, world championships and qualification examinations throughout the year.


In 2011 TSKF New Zealand joined the  International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF)  who’s Chief Instructor is Okazaki Hiroyoshi 9th Dan.

ISKF & TSKF teach and follow the same principles as taught by Masters Funakoshi Gichin and Nakayama Masatoshi which is “that the #1 Principle is – Never forget that karate begins and ends with Respect”

Kanazawa Sensei


Enodea Sensei

The Turangi Dojo ( Honbu Dojo )  was established in 1973 by Paul Burke who trained in England under Kanazawa Sensei.

Current dojo head Mark Willis along with Alan Lawton ( now in Napier ) both trained with Paul Burke until he left in 1975. Joe Rowan who trained in the UK under Enodea Sensei took over the instructing until he returned to England in 1977.

Keinosuke Enoeda.png

On Joe's departure, Mark Willis who was the senior graded student at the time took over the instructing. 1977 was also the year that the Turangi dojo joined JKA and instruction was taken by  Takahashi Shihan who was a 4th dan and has come to New Zealand twice a year ever since.  In 2006 Shihan gained his 8th dan from JKA.


The Turangi Dojo is the Honbu dojo of the TSKF New Zealand and over the years hosted many guest instructors from oversea's, Notably those such as Nakayama Shihan who celebrated his birthday in Turangi. Sensei's Tanaka, Nishimura, Sano, Yoshioka, Aragaki, Araki,  Jeff Green, George Karastergios, also many students and old boys from Aoyama and Komazawa Universities

The 3 Founding Instructors.png

From Left to right Joe Rowan, Paul Burke and Mark Willis

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